Calling for volunteers

By , January 13, 2010

Famous for its fight against mining companies, Intag communities and organizations offer volunteer programs for people interested in collaborating with our sustainable development. In particular we need people to help us in:

  • Comunity tourism (in promotion and as tour guides)
  • Flora and fauna studies
  • Antrophology and sociology studies
  • Archaeological studies
  • English classes for tourist guides and in the local school
  • Fair trade work with the women group, teaching cooking classes, crafts with local products, arts in general.
  • Environmental education and working in the organic garden
  • Helath assistance to the community
  • Computer Classes (to a distance high-school education group and grade school kids)

The program cost depend on how long the volunteer will work in the community and on which type of job he will perform.
Usually the volunteer will stay with a local family. Otherwise, and whenever possible,  it is possible to lodge in existing tourist ecolodges.  All costs are to be covered by the volunteers.

If you need more information about our community and our projects (tourism and fair trade) please visit Decoin website :

If you are interested in our program, please send a mail complete with personal details to either Ms. Marcia Rarmírez at community tourism Junin (direccion: or to
Mr.Carlos Zorrilla at Decoin (direccion:

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    as far as I see the costal town are the best for informing the Backpackers who would be the best people to help in the volunteer programs an they can take the knowledge back to their respective countries and spread the word about the volunteer programs which could be used to teach spanish to people like me who are retired and looking for a way to learn and give back. Just a thought but canoa and mindo gets a lot of backpackers who might be up for this kind of adventure and if you frame it as an adventure they may come in droves to help. i know i would love to live with a family and pay them for the experience to live and learn from them through total emersion in to the culture. the only drawback is the time they can spend in the country 3 months on a tourist visa and 6 months if they pay for an extended visa. or maybe the community can offer a type of plan that could give them more time as a volunteer.
    flyers are needed and brochures at the hostels for them to think about getting involved also every tourist agency in the country.

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